MCS (Modern Ceilings Southern Ltd) is a company that designs and installs custom stretch ceilings. They have over 25 years of experience in the industry and install in both domestic and commercial properties. The ceilings are constructed from a PVC-style material that is stretched over an aluminium framework built to the customer’s requirements. All sorts of creative shapes and curves can be made and as the material is available in so many colours and reflective finished, the possibilities are endless. Add to that the ability to backlight these ceilings with colour change LED lighting and some amazing effects can be generated.

To showcase these possibilities, MCS wanted a website with a focus on imagery. After completing hundreds of projects over the years, they had a considerable collection of photographs of past projects they had completed and wanted to use these to demonstrate what their process is capable of producing.

The website features a contemporary colour palette with a dark blue to match their new logo. An eye-catching front page with a full-width image is the first thing a visitor sees. Other features include a number of individual image galleries, a PDF download page, a smart search feature, a contact form, and a call button for use on mobile devices. MCS decided to use Squarespace for their website as they were familiar with the user interface and wanted to use a platform that would allow their staff to make regular updates to their project portfolio themselves.

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